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I wanted Yaadein to be your time-travelling companion, a conduit for keeping memories alive and relishing the love that breathes life into them. After all, every piece is not just jewellery; it's a testament to the enduring tales that weave the fabric of your family's history.

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I have a very soft corner for Moon. It is fierce, it shines radiantly throughout the dark. There is a rhythm about its energy, the way it makes the tides rise and the waves fade away just by being itself. It promises the ocean its timeless love and refuses no stars it's light. Moon embraces every shape, every cloud, every eclipse and every sun. CHAAND, because it is so fierce, striking yet so humble and you deserve nothing less.

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”

Robert Swan

We are extremely mindful with our consumption and production. We make to order all our clothing pieces. While we do keep some yards of fabric in stock, most of the dyeing and stitching is processed after an order is placed.


Chandini is the most stunning pair of earrings you will find. Dual danglers that don’t need two piercings. All you have to do is clamp it and Voila! We love Chandni, the little crescent moon it has and we love the absolute joy of wearing a pair so light weight and fun, we hope you love them too.


I believe that both, classic and eccentric pieces are worthy of investment. And thus, I have always wanted for you to find warmth in silhouettes that are for you to wear and not the other way round, to find beauty in everyday little and big things, alike.

With this collection, I intend to do so. I intend to make clothes for days when you feel like dressing up or just slipping into the ones that give you a warm hug of comfort. I hope to find thousands of people like me who love the things I do and turn to AARJAVEE for comfort, for authenticity, love and familiarity.

Hope you find warmth in our silhouettes, love in the imperfection of our jewellery and a way back to us for a hug of comfort.

- Aarjavee Shah