Our Story

Conceived by the idea of versatility and comfort, Aarjavee focuses on handcrafting contemporary clothing and statement jewellery, the spirit of which lies in the shapes and forms drawn from nature. Our silhouettes aim to bring a sense of functionality and longevity to designs with an intricate eye to detailing. 

Reimagining the everyday forms under the creative vision of Aarjavee Shah, we weave nature into tangible forms as our existence is interrelated. From being inspired by little things all around, her ideology is deeply rooted into creating something which reflects her style. As a kid who always wanted to become a fashion designer, after graduating from NIFT Gandhinagar (2017), she started working on Aarjavee during her first job, shortlisting the values and aesthetics of the brand. Two years of continuous research and toil later, Aarjavee was born in the summer of 2019. 

Aarjavee is a literal extension of our creative director’s beliefs. We are and are for the honest, free spirited, independent and strong women of simplicity.

Our Creative Director in all things handmade with love.

Our pieces are raw, imperfect, honest, strong and capable of being one of it’s kind, their nature is to shine independently without any extra efforts, just like our tribe, just like YOU.

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